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  • Intakes
    Min. 6.5
    Min. 86
  • Min. Tuition Fee
    BDT 737758
  • Min. Tuition Fee (C)
  • Application Fee
    BDT 7500
  • Application Fee (C)
  • Spouse/Family Allowed?
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  • Part-Time Work
    20 hrs/wk, FT-Vacation
  • Avg. Salary/Hour
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  • Post-Study Work Permit
  • Post-Study Work Duration
    Upto 3 Years
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About the University

Something we hear a lot from parents is how they wish they’d known that SSU existed when THEY were looking for a university. Because we’re small and tucked away in a small town in New Brunswick, you might not have heard of us until now, but we’ve been offering something a little different from other universities for over 40 years: we mix outstanding academics with spiritual development and extended world travel, while living together in a 19th Century mansion in a diverse, open-minded community. Yup, it’s different! But we think it’s an incredible way to prepare young people for their career, for further study, and for life.

We think a broad degree education is the best preparation for diverse careers and lots of job options. If you know you want to be a doctor, that’s awesome. But if you’re not totally sure what you want to do as a career, don’t narrow down your options with a narrow field of study. Employers love our Liberal Arts graduates because they are ready for anything – they can think for themselves, express themselves and work with people who aren’t like them.

St. Stephen’s University is located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. The campus overlooks the St. Croix River separating St. Stephen from Calais, Maine. Our nearest airports are Saint John, Fredericton and Bangor, Maine. You can drive here from Ontario in a day! We are right beside the ocean on the Bay of Fundy, in a small town that used to be a bustling port. It’s known as Canada’s Chocolate Town because a few steps away is a chocolate factory where the first chocolate bar was invented a looooong time ago.


Size Makes All The Difference
St. Stephen’s University is the smallest university in Canada, only accepting around 20 new students each year. This allows us to create a totally unique learning community in which everyone knows each other, and professors share daily life with students. Instead of being anonymous in a large university, at SSU we’ll actually get to know you. You can come as you are (yes, even you ? ) and figure out who you want to be and how you want to engage with the world and make a difference. Our aim is to graduate thoughtful, humble, passionate people who actively contribute to their communities.

In addition to this, we believe that people learn and grow when they are known and accepted in a caring community; in communities over 120 people, it’s hard to know everyone, so we deliberately stay under that number.

Explore Spirituality
At SSU we try to create a context to explore spirituality, asking deep questions of identity and purpose with open-mindedness and curiosity, and valuing diversity of ideas and opinions, past and present. A unique strength of SSU is our broad and diverse Christian heritage that has led us to be intentional about including space to explore ways in which spiritual traditions contribute to our search for meaning in today’s world. We offer opportunities for a variety of spiritual practices but never require them. We simply try and create a space where everyone is free to think about stuff that matters, respectful of everyone else in the community that might think differently.

And then of course there’s the travel. Rather than sticking you in a foreign country for a while on your own, charging you a fortune and calling it a ‘travel program’, we travel the world together. You and your whole class will travel with your professors for 6 weeks in Asia and another 7 weeks in Europe, in two separate travel terms. For full credit! And all for only $1000 more than a standard term in St. Stephen! It’s a travel program like no other.

English Language Requirements

International students whose primary language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in English by scoring 550 on a paper based TOEFL, 86 on an internet based TOEFL or 6.5 on an IELTS exam. Alternate language proficiency testing may be accepted based on demonstrated equivalency. Admissions staff on rare occasions may waive testing based on clearly demonstrated English fluency in the application process and an oral interview.



If you have achieved an average of 80% or higher during high school you will receive an entrance scholarship to SSU. SSU calculates an average based on your best five university preparation courses in grade 12.

80% – 84.9% average will receive an entrance scholarship of $500

85-89.9% average will receive an entrance scholarship of $1,000

90% and higher average will receive an entrance scholarship of $1,500

Please note: a.) entrance scholarships are not available for transfer students, and b.) scholarship credits are split equally between 1st and 2nd terms of year 1; students must retain their Grade 12 average in term 1 in order to qualify for their second credit in term 2.


As an innovative way of reducing tuition debt, taking a step closer to our dream of offering sustainable, debt-free education, any existing undergraduate student who refers (introduces to SSU for the first time) a new undergraduate student will receive a $1500 scholarship towards future tuition fees. There is no limit to the number of new students you can refer to us – you could aim to literally study for free!

This opportunity also applies to alumni and friends of SSU. Refer a new undergraduate student and you will receive $1500!

  • John Walker Memorial Scholarships
  • The Gregory Michael Beaudoin Memorial Scholarship
  • The Paul English Scholarship for Innovation
  • Indigenous Student Scholarship
  • The Finley-Cook Material History Prize

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All information related to this institution has been extracted from the St. Stephen's University website, accessible at The data provided here is true until its extraction on 23 December 2019. Hence, all information here is subject to change without notice as per the institution's policy. For the latest update, please visit the institution website.

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