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    JAN, SEP


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    Min. 61

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    BDT 981753

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    BDT 4100

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    Upto 3 Years


St. Thomas University (campus), Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 9V7, Canada

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About the University

We believe smaller is better. Our small size is the reason we are able to give each one of our students a big university experience full of opportunity. Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, St. Thomas University is a small, primarily undergraduate university dedicated to excellence in liberal arts education.

The Bachelor of Arts is the heart of our academic community, with more than 30 programs offered in the humanities and social sciences. For more than 100 years, our small, supportive community has been bonded by a shared commitment to the liberal arts and social justice.

Our 1,800 Bachelor of Arts students engage in a broad and rigorous education through exceptional offerings in traditional disciplines such as Psychology, English, Political Science, and Fine Arts, and more unique programs that offer increasing value to our world today—Communications and Public Policy, Criminology, Gerontology, Human Rights and Journalism. Our students participate in experiential learning opportunities—service learning, field work, internships and practicums, travel-study, lab work—that allow them to use their education in practical settings and experience the value of a liberal arts education to society.

We believe the liberal arts are the best preparation for a life as a leader, a professional and a global citizen. Our alumni are our proof. Our post-degree programs in Education and Social Work complement the Bachelor of Arts community, and offer students outstanding training through course work and practicums.


University is an exciting time. It’s a time for personal and intellectual growth. It's an opportunity for students to learn more about the world, and about themselves. New interests, new friends and new experiences help take students into the next chapter of their lives.

This time can always present challenges, and that’s why we are committed to providing a learning environment second to none, academic and personal support for when it’s needed and opportunities that provide students the experiences they need to reach their academic and professional goals.

Classes – Every single class is small and intimate. Capped at 60 students, our average class size is only 26 students, and upper year classes are even smaller. Classes are discussion and debate based, and professors are able to get to know their students and offer individualized attention. 99% of our full-time faculty have their Ph.D or highest degrees in their fields.

Teaching Excellence – 91% of first-year students rate their experience as excellent or good. One reason is that the emphasis on teaching, academic challenge, and developing new thinking skills are rated among the highest in Canada.

Financial Aid – The university dedicates $1.8 million to student financial aid every year. With more than 40 different kinds of scholarships and bursaries available, there are many ways to help offset tuition costs.

Support – Our Student Services Department supports students every step of the way. Offering resources for academic support, career planning, stress management, and more, students have a team of people to help them through their time at university.

Opportunities – A university degree is about more than just attending class. Our students attend national conferences, study abroad, publish their research and work on professional research with professors. They take on leadership roles in the Students' Union and Residence Life, work part-time jobs on campus, and intern and volunteer throughout the city.

English Language Requirements

Applicants whose primary language is not English must submit evidence of proficiency in English by writing one of the following tests:

Official test scores must be submitted directly to the Admissions Office by the testing centre. St. Thomas University's ETS number is 0803.

Students who meet the following minimum English Language Proficiency scores and the St. Thomas academic admission requirements are eligible for the ESL program:

  • TOEFL 61 (Internet-based)
  • TOEFL 500 (Paper-based)
  • MELAB 69
  • IELTS 5.0
  • CAEL 40, 50
  • CEQ B2 First

Students with the scores below are eligible to take five regular academic courses but may take integrated and assisted courses if they wish:

  • TOEFL 89 (Internet-based)
  • TOEFL 573 (Paper-based)
  • MELAB 80
  • IELTS 6.5
  • CAEL 60
  • CEQ C or higher (C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency)

Entrance Scholarship Guarantee - Academic Excellence (Canadian)
Our entrance scholarship guarantee rewards first-year students who demonstrate academic  excellence. If you are a Canadian applicant with a minimum admission average of 80 per cent, you automatically qualify for a scholarship. The higher your average, the greater the scholarship's value.


Our guaranteed entrance scholarships are renewable in second, third, and fourth year if the student maintains a grade point average of 3.7.

Major Awards - Academic Excellence
Our major scholarships are our largest awards, honouring the best academic minds among incoming students. Applicants with a minimum admission average of 90 per cent (or the equivalent for international applicants) should complete and submit a scholarship application form in order to be considered for major awards. Renewable scholarship recipients are selected based on academics:

  • admission average
  • Grade 12 courses and level of difficulty
  • rank in graduating class
  • Grade 11 record

Other selection criteria include letters of academic reference, scores on standardized tests (optional) and, for some awards, leadership qualities, extracurricular activities, and financial need.

Student Leaders Scholarships - Leadership
A university needs leaders to thrive. That's why our Student Leader Scholarships are designed to attract high-impact student leaders who are a perfect fit for our vibrant community. These scholarships are valued at $2,000 annually and are renewable for three years to a total of $8,000. The selection criteria includes a combination of:

  • leadership through extracurricular activities
  • volunteerism
  • demonstrated commitment to the benefit of others
  • minimum admission average of 80 per cent

Millennium Entrance Bursaries 
St. Thomas University offers Millennium Bursaries to students in financial need entering university for the first time. Funded by donations from faculty, staff, and friends of St. Thomas University, bursaries are valued between $500 and $2000. Bursary candidates should submit a completed bursary application form with supplementary documents through their applicant portal.

Selection Criteria
Our entrance award program is competitive and open to students with high academic standing. Canadian and international candidates admitted on the basis of their high school records to the first year of full-time study on the St. Thomas campus are eligible to apply for entrance awards. Normally, applicants with previous university experience are ineligible for entrance scholarships.

In selecting entrance scholarship recipients, academic record is the primary criteria. The selection committee considers admission average, Grade 12 program (courses and level of difficulty) and rank in graduating class as well as program and performance in Grade 11. Other factors considered include letters of academic reference and scores on standardized tests including provincial achievement examinations, SATs, etc. In addition to the academic selection criteria, leadership qualities, extracurricular activities and financial need are considered in awarding some scholarships.

For more details regarding application procedure and deadline, please visit


All information related to this institution has been extracted from the St. Thomas University - Fredericton website, accessible at The data provided here is true until its extraction on 24 December 2019. Hence, all information here is subject to change without notice as per the institution's policy. For the latest update, please visit the institution website.

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