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ABC English Studio

Our First Project in Dhaka, Bangladesh

ABC English Studio was founded as an online platform to educate the learners of Bangladesh in English Language, introducing innovative and contemporary teaching methods for easy and effective learning. IELTS, Spoken English, English Writing, Grammar and Pronunciation we the preliminary courses that were offered by the organisation. The learning methods followed were quite unique to Bangladesh with the introduction of Digital Technology and Online Learning. Later in 2020, the platform renamed to become ABC Learn, with a broader view and wide range of courses to educate the community.



ABC International 360

We went Global with our HQ in Dhaka

ABC International 360 was founded to facilitate foreign Education to the qualifying students of Bangladesh. The organisation represents a wide range of Foreign Universities & Colleges in Canada, USA, UK, Malaysia and more. It offers a friendly and welcoming environment so that they can discuss their career plans and limitations with us without any hesitation. Our experienced student advisors go a long way and do their best to help them select and study their desired programmes and achieve their individual targets.



Xcel 360

We extended our arms to Institutions with Digital Marketing Services

Xcel 360 started its journey with the Educational Institutions of Bangladesh and abroad. It offers its clients with services like Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Graphics Design, Printing Solution, Photography, Videography, Video Content Editing, Content Writing, etc. This wing of ABC was established to facilitate Educational Institutions with a 1-stop solution for most of their Digital Needs.



ABC Learn

ABC English Studio was rebranded to

ABC Learn - Leading Online Education Platform in Bangladesh

ABC English Studio platform was renamed to become ABC Learn, with a broader view and wide range of courses to educate the community. In addition to IELTS Preparation and English Language Programmes, ABC Learn accommodates pure Digital Learning in a wider variety of subjects to enhance the experience of professional and academic learning at the same time. The platform also provides the Educators, Teachers and Institutions FREE Platform to host their own courses online. The platform also incorporated Microsoft Office blended into it for the teachers to conduct LIVE Classes.


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